Modern Bathroom Renovation

When our client needed an upstairs bathroom renovated so that would be easier access for her mother, Vartanian Construction knew that an open shower format was the answer.

Vartanian Construction welding2

Welding Expertise

Vartanian Construction has the skills to repair any welding project that you may have.

Vartanian Construction fireplace5

Julie’s Fireplace and Sheetrock

Updating a fireplace with a new mantle and repairing the sheetrock around it, made this den a beautiful space. Another great Vartanian Construction project!

Vartanian Construction broken joist 2

Broken Joist Repair

Correcting a broken joist recently consisted of Vartanian Construction going under the house and bolting the old, broken bean to a new one for strong support.

Vartanian Construction kitchen counter repair 2

Kitchen Counter Repair

When a homeowner had a damaged kitchen counter, they thought they needed to replace the entire counter. But with some extra tile already used in the kitchen design, Vartanian Construction was able to repair the counter and, at the same time, create a decorative counter top.

Vartanian Construction shadowbox trim before2

Shadowbox Trim

Adding shadowbox trim to your walls is a nice detail that upgrades your décor. Vartanian Construction can tackle that project quickly for you!

Vartanian Construction landscape removal2

Landscape Removal

Sometimes pulling out old bushes to make way for new ones is just too much for a homeowner. Vartanian Construction also can help with exterior/yard projects!

Vartanian Construction column repair

Column Repair

Even minor projects, like an exterior column repair, are on Vartanian Construction’s list of repairs.

Vartanian Construction added closet 43

Added Closet

When homeowners put their house on the market, there are are many ways to increase the sale-ability. A room can only be referenced as a bedroom if there is a closet. Vartanian Construction added a closet to a room, creating an additional bedroom. The house sold 5 days after we completed the project.

Vartanian Construction bedroom storage3

Dana’s Storage

Storage and shelving is always a premium for homeowners. Our customer, Dana, had a unique idea to utilize storage space next to a bedroom and transform it into shelves and a closet. What a great idea!