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Vartanian Construction new name

Vartanian Construction is the solution to your home construction projects. Located in Charlotte, NC, we specialize in most any construction or home improvement project – home additions; kitchen and bath renovations; decks and porches; and even smaller projects like replacing doors or installing a sink.

You may actually know us as HandyMen Home Improvements and have visited our old website,, but we have recently changed our name and our look.

Please stay tuned as we develop our new website. In the meantime, please visit our old site at or feel free to contact us at with any questions or to request a free consultation.

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Choosing a Contractor

Vartanian Construction screened porch duringChoosing a contractor to build an addition, porch or even just do odd jobs around your house is not an easy task. So many times you hear about people who were “taken for a ride.” Maybe the homeowner paid more money than the job was worth, the work didn’t hold up, or maybe even the contractor took the money but either didn’t finish the job or never even started it. How do you find a contractor that you can trust and you know will do a great job?

One of the best ways to find a general contractor is to ask for referrals. If you have a friend or a neighbor who is having work done at their house, don’t be shy about asking what they think about the company. Questions to ask include:

  • Were goals for budgets, materials, deadlines, and design set and put in writing before the project started?
  • Is the contractor doing a good job?
  • is the project staying within the budget?
  • Is the project meeting the deadlines set?
  • Would they recommend the company?
  • Would they use the company again for a different project?

Also, when looking for a general contractor, you want to make sure the person/company is licensed and insured. To become licensed, a general contractor must have meet certain education requirements in the area or work experience, then pass state exams. Being insured, assures the homeowner that there is some level of compensation or protection if the contractor does not finish the job. When a general contractor is licensed and insured, it adds credibility to their company.

These are just a few tips on hiring a general contractor. If you would like more information, contact Mark or Kathy at