Renovating a kitchen or a bathroom is not a quick or easy decision to make. At Vartanian Construction, we can simply update your kitchen – replace sinks, faucets and counters; repaint cabinets; or install new lighting. Or we can do a total redo – rip out cabinets and install new ones; refigure appliance locations for more efficient use; add a pantry, or install new flooring and counters. The dream is yours ... we make it happen.


Once you start the project, you are without that room until its completion. We strive to complete projects in a timely manner so that it is not a burden on the homeowner. Take out and delivery pizza can be both expensive and tiresome!

We will consult with you on your projects and help you plan them, create budgets and timelines.
We offer free estimates on all of our jobs.
We pride ourselves on teamwork at Vartanian Construction. Whether it is woking with our team of experts or your designers and architects, we will deliver the best end result through collaboration.